Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Though it's really nothing I shouldn't fucking expect by now.

Of course we can't find the Smiling Man.

Of course bouquets keep fucking coming.

He doesn't want us to find Him. So we won't.

God fucking damnit.

I feel like I'm not actually fucking doing anything. Like I'm just moving from place to place because it's His will, stopping Him because He thinks it's funny.

Maybe Butterfly Knife Girl is right. Maybe I'm just a piece on the board, guided by some other fucking hand. Maybe I don't have any free will.

Maybe you just can't fucking fight fate.


  1. Maybe once you cap Smiley this time you should hunt down Penny and punch her until you get some answers.

    Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and Penny will get some flowers.

  2. I love you too, Proxiehunter. But ours is a forbidden romance.

  3. Oh my. Such burning passion.


    Mind if I join in?

  4. Oh my, so many suitors.

    I am dangerously close to getting a case of the vapors.