Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stupid Hangover

So, as you might have guessed, I got drunk last night. I stole Hunter's forty and thought, hey, vodka, I could use a drink, and as long as I'm doing illegal things I might as well try some.

That was a fucking mistake. It turns out? I'm a lightweight. Yeah, I'm such a badass. Two shots and I'm fucking gone.

Of course, while fucking plastered, I drank half of the fucking bottle. I'm still fucking feeling it. Maybe I'll donate the rest of the bottle to a local wino or something.

Boston still sucks and I still can't find the kids. Also, something is definitely following me. I'm fucking positive. I'm not sure who/what it is, but I have my suspicions.

In better news, though, I found a trench coat at a store here. I bought it, because I've been stealing a lot lately and I felt I should probably at least buy something at some point.

I should be good on money, though. My Gran's been supplying me with a small but steady allowance. I'm not sure why, but she seems to have some idea of what's happening. Maybe she had a run in with something when she was my age?

When I ask her about it, she just says that it doesn't look like I'll live to see my inheritance anyway.

Gee Gran, thanks for that.


  1. Don'tcha just love the words of encouragement?

  2. Yeah, I mean, it's probably true, but i didn't need her to tell me it.

  3. She probably wanted to warn you away from asking too many questions. Most likely, she simply loves you and wants to help.