Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Thing from Earlier

This is from back in the crazy days, between my rant on Slendy and birthofamonster.txt



A smile can mean many things. At its base, though, a smile is a sign of amusement or mirth or happiness. But a smile can to cruel, or sad, or simple, or huge, a grin or a smirk or a baring of fangs.

In the animal kingdom, "smiling" is very often that last one. A threat. A display of teeth. A threat. A warning.

Some believe that smiling evolved as a behavioral mechanism to non-verbally display subservience.

The color Red

Red for humans is a sign of passion, a sign of heat, a sign of embarrassment, a sign of royalty. It is also a sign of injury, of pain, of blood, of infection.

In the animal kingdom red is a Warning of Venom and a Beacon for Lovers and a Sign of Food.

In the plant kingdom red is a Lure for Pollination or Prey.


Eyes are windows to the Soul. Eyes have mystic connotations to nearly every culture with mysticism. They are Expressive. Sight is perhaps our most used and relied on sense.

We use Eye Contact on people we trust, and people we wish to size up, and people we wish to intimidate

Animals use Eye Contact to provoke a challenge. Many animals, especially birds, will try to attack the Eyes during a conflict.


Flowers are used by humans as a symbol of affection, and to show sympathy, and to ask for forgiveness, and to mourn. The Language of Flowers gives each flower a Symbolic Meaning.

Animals devour flowers, and also help them Mate, and help them Grow when they Die.


Fuck it is so embarrassing to see this shit now. But I literally have fucking pages of this. Who the fuck did Past Me think she was, fucking Ishmael?

I swear to fucking God, the only person dumber than Past Me, it is fucking Present Me.


  1. Since you brought up the language of flowers I've broken down the bouquet. You've probably done this already yourself but it might help your readers come up with ideas to help you.

    Heliotrope - Devotion
    Lavender - Devotion, distrust. My money's on distrust here since we already have Devotion. Maybe the message is that he mistrusts HER devotion to him?
    Celandine - Joys to come
    Cypress - Death, mourning, despair, sorrow
    Larkspur - Pink Larkspur is apparently fickleness but I can't find any other colors. On the other hand Wikipedia tells me Larkspurs are a kind of buttercup and buttercups mean riches.

  2. It took some difficulty (and by that I mean clicking around on wikipedia) but apparently Delphinium are also called Larkspur.

    Delphinium means the ability to transcend space and time.

  3. I didn't even think to check for a meaning for Delphinium since my research on delphinium turned up that they too were a kind of buttercup. But yes transcending time and space makes sense for this thing. Wish I could be of more help but this thing is new and your information is the only information we have on it.

    Crazy theory time though: with it's close association with plants and flowers perhaps it is itself *plant based*. Even if it isn't a face full of weed killer wouldn't be comfortable for anyone (aim for the eyes) so it could be worth a shot.