Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey, This Is Tara

Just a status report, Jeanette has not murdered anyone yet, though I'm not entirely sure Carol Anne will survive the weekend.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weirdness I Did Not Need

So I got home from Gran's on Monday, got some nice gifts, and one awesome one (got me a cellphone, bitches. Dad gives the best gifts) and just basically wanted to unwind when Tara called me. Which is cool, as I was going to call her. Not so cool is the following, which is more or less a transcript of the call.

Tara: Hey, it's me.

Me: Hey double T, wanna chill later?

T: Totally. But, hey listen, do you want to have, like, a slumber party this weekend?

J: ...A slumber party? Did we turn thirteen again and I didn't notice?

T: I know, I know, but Carol Anne and Bethany really want one.

((Tara is using the tone of voice reserved for asking me to do something she knows I won't want to do))

J: ...there're conditions, aren't there?

T: They want it at your house, they want it Thursday, they want it to last the whole weekend, and they want to bring Vanessa along. I think it was Vanessa's idea. She's Carol Anne's cousin.

J: Why the fuck do they want a sleepover here? We only have the one bathroom, one couch, and no spare bed.

T: Well....they said we can do it somewhere else but please don't get mad, Jeanette.

J: What is it?

T: Carol said the only way Vanessa would want to stay somewhere else is if you brought your gun with you. I think that's the only reason she wants the sleepover, so you can be there with a gun.

She's really freaked right now. Apparently she woke up and her window was open and there were flowers on the sill.

J: Doesn't she have fucking cops following her or something?

((right here my mom yelled at me for profanity because I was getting pretty loud))

T: Pretty sure they'll be there too, waiting outside. Um, it might have been their idea.

J: That's BS and you know it. It was Carol Anne's fucking idea.

T: She's not that...

J: This is the same bitch that always jokes about me being a fucking Columbine kid waiting to happen. The only reason she even tries to be friends with me is because she's afraid of me.

((long pause))

T: should I tell her no?

J: Let me ask my parents.

((they say yes because they want me to make friends with people who aren't Tara. Mom adds the usual "You hang around one girl all the time and...well, people might talk" bullshit))

J: They said yes. But you might want to see if we can do it at your place instead.

T: Sorry to dump this on you, hon.

J: Yeah,'ve better gotten me a good Christmas present, bitch.

T: Whatever. You were crying.

J; Shut up, no I wasn't.


I wasn't, she's a lying bitch.

Anyway, looks like Tara's parents are having a New Year's Party, and my parents are going to a New Year's Party, so there's going to be four other girls in my bathroom all weekend.

I almost hope this stalker shows up so I can let out some aggression.

Oh and also I know it's weird I only really have one friend, but, honestly, Tara's the only person I've met I know I can trust and depend on. She's the only friend I need.

God she's not going to let me live down posting that.

Anyway they get here at like three in the afternoon so I should get some sleep.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


"You should tape your chest down. People will think you're a slut."

"I just have your best interests in mind."

"If you keep wearing pants and t-shirts like that people will think you're a lesbian."

"Don't slouch."

"I just don't want you to end up like your mother, pregnant, married to a drunken lowlife and living in a sty before you finish highschool."

"Don't you roll your eyes at me, missy. You can just forget about dinner and maybe if you're lucky I won't return all your presents in the morning."

Gee Gran, I love you too.

Please save me from this nightmare.

~~ Transcribed over the phone by Tara at Jeanette's request

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm free! Fuck yes.

No studying no schoolwork, nothing until after New Years. I haven't even been to sleep yet.

Gonna spend tomorrow (well, tonight) night over at Tara's. Then I have to head down south to have Christmas with Gran. I'm really looking forward to that *eyeroll*. Nothing like being told you're a whore because your ears are pierced twice. Oh, sorry "look like a whore." She means well but I don't like being told, "You'll be pregnant before you leave high school, just like your mother." every time I see the old witch.

Anyway, Tara and I hit up the mall in the next town over today. That was fun. Lots of stuff I'm gonna be spending my birthday money on, if I get any. All the begging in the world isn't gonna get my parents to buy me the clothes I want for Christmas.

In lighter news, the pervert was back when we left school. Saw one of those cops staking out that Freshman, Vanessa, start to go up to the guy. The guy slipped off, and the cop followed him. I wanted to go watch the asshole get some police brutality, but Tara didn't want me to.

Wonder if the pervert is the secret admirer.

Oh well, better go pass out before Dad gets up for his morning hair of the dog.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Haven't posted in a bit, mostly because been super busy. All the teachers want to cram all the work they can in right before Christmas break. Still, it'll be worth it, because after Wednesday I'm fucking free until the New Year.

Anyway, stuff hasn't been all that interesting. That one Freshman who got the flowers (think her name is Vanessa) has had two more secret admirer visits--she got chocolates and another bouquet.

It's not all chocolate and flowers, though. No one knows who's doing it, and apparently someone's been tapping on her window late at night. She looks fucking terrible. Guess she hasn't been sleeping. Some cops from the next town over are staking her out, I think, because Tara and I've been seeing a lot more cop cars around the school lately.

Personally, I think it's one of the teachers going all Humpbert Humpbert on us.

Anyway, I've started calling the biggest bitches at my school slags. The teachers don't like me saying it but they're not too harsh because I don't think they realize it's real slang. Hopefully this'll last longer than me calling everyone "wankers".

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some People Need A Life

Some perv outside of school today, standing about a block away, making obscene gestures at some of the the girls while we were leaving. Some of their boyfriends made noises about kicking his ass but of course none of them actually went over there. But anyway, doesn't the fucker need anything better to do?

In the end, Stacy Windsor went to tell a teacher, but the guy slipped away before she and Mr. Ryan could get back.

Typing on Tara's computer because she is awesome and has her own computer. I would kill to have something like this in my room, and not that piece of shit we have in the living room. I'm staying over here tonight because it's soooo much better than my place.

Anyway, talked about her a few times, but Tara's my best friends. We've been inseperable since I got into this crappy town when I was in Third Grade. She's a bit of a wuss but she's still cool.

She's saying, "I am not!" and pouting so you can totally tell she is.

Her family's rich, even though she denies that too, but, I mean, her room is like three times bigger than mine, and practically her whole family has their own computer. I mean, I know I'm white trash but we're not that poor.

Anway, fuck yes, it's friday. Catch the nobody who reads this later.

Can't Sleep

Fucking insomnia. If my parents catch me on the computer this late I'm dead, but fuck it, I can't sleep.

I hate dreams, sometimes. I dream a lot. I have this recurring one, the one that just woke me up. They're not bad, exactly. Not like nightmares. Just weird.

School was boring. It usually is. Biggest thing that happened was some freshman girl getting surprised by a big vase of flowers in her locker. Lucky girl. Other than that, just another day of Tara and I getting shunned by most of the school. I didn't really have to punch anybody today, so that was good. The principal is basically looking for any reason to kick me out, after all. God, accidentally bring a gun to school once and they never let you forget about it.

I wanted to punch some people a couple times, though. Someone threw a wad of paper at Tara at lunch. I didn't see who and she managed to talk me down. I swear, some of these idiots still act like middle schoolers.

Shit, I think my Dad's getting up. Better cut this short.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello World!

Fuck school. Seriously. Fuck it.

Hey, I'm Jeanette. I'm starting this blog because what the hell, the world needs more awesome and I am that.

The basic facts: I live in a moderately sized city in the midwest, I graduate highschool this year, my best friend is one Tara Tillinghast, and I am pretty much concentrated win.

No much to post right now.

Oh, right. I'll probably do haiku every once in a while because they are awesome. You know, like me.

Oh well, should get ready for school or something.