Friday, December 10, 2010

Some People Need A Life

Some perv outside of school today, standing about a block away, making obscene gestures at some of the the girls while we were leaving. Some of their boyfriends made noises about kicking his ass but of course none of them actually went over there. But anyway, doesn't the fucker need anything better to do?

In the end, Stacy Windsor went to tell a teacher, but the guy slipped away before she and Mr. Ryan could get back.

Typing on Tara's computer because she is awesome and has her own computer. I would kill to have something like this in my room, and not that piece of shit we have in the living room. I'm staying over here tonight because it's soooo much better than my place.

Anyway, talked about her a few times, but Tara's my best friends. We've been inseperable since I got into this crappy town when I was in Third Grade. She's a bit of a wuss but she's still cool.

She's saying, "I am not!" and pouting so you can totally tell she is.

Her family's rich, even though she denies that too, but, I mean, her room is like three times bigger than mine, and practically her whole family has their own computer. I mean, I know I'm white trash but we're not that poor.

Anway, fuck yes, it's friday. Catch the nobody who reads this later.

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