Friday, December 10, 2010

Can't Sleep

Fucking insomnia. If my parents catch me on the computer this late I'm dead, but fuck it, I can't sleep.

I hate dreams, sometimes. I dream a lot. I have this recurring one, the one that just woke me up. They're not bad, exactly. Not like nightmares. Just weird.

School was boring. It usually is. Biggest thing that happened was some freshman girl getting surprised by a big vase of flowers in her locker. Lucky girl. Other than that, just another day of Tara and I getting shunned by most of the school. I didn't really have to punch anybody today, so that was good. The principal is basically looking for any reason to kick me out, after all. God, accidentally bring a gun to school once and they never let you forget about it.

I wanted to punch some people a couple times, though. Someone threw a wad of paper at Tara at lunch. I didn't see who and she managed to talk me down. I swear, some of these idiots still act like middle schoolers.

Shit, I think my Dad's getting up. Better cut this short.

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