Monday, March 12, 2012

Less BS

My name is Alice Mason.  You might also know me as Chelsea Balisong.

I am all that's left.  I don't know what happened to anyone else.

All I know is that that stupid fucking boy shot himself in the head.  Or something.  I'm pretty sure he's dead.

Regardless, something came out of him.

And then everything went black, and when I came to, I was alone, in our hideout, with a tape that had that initial transcript on it.

People have come after me since.  I've been killing them.  I think they're proxies but, in my state, they could be police or girl scouts for all I know.

I haven't been able to find anyone.  There's been no fucking sign.  I'm alone, and there's something else out there now.  I think it's hunting me.  I think it has them.  Or maybe Smiley does.  Or one of the other couple dozen collect-em-all monsters of the week that are out there, somewhere.  I've honestly lost track on how boned we all are.  With so many monsters, you'd think someone would notice all the bodies, or people disappearing, or some fucking thing.

It's amazing doesn't have a list, top five people mysteriously killed by mysterious evil.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I still have trouble figuring out how it came to all of this.

Everything was going so well.

And now, we're all fucked.

Everything's gone wrong.

We lost.

Game over, man.  Game over.

I don't know where anyone is.  I'm all alone now, and I'm lost.

I miss them.  I wish they'd come back.  I wish I could find them.

But I can't.  They're gone.

They're not here, and I am alone.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Unknown Male 1: Okay, open and clear!
Unknown Male 1: No contacts, sir.

Unknown Male 1: Sir!

Unknown Female 1: Sir? I think I found someone. Female.

Unknown Female 1: Ma’am?

Unknown Female 1: Would you like me to check, ma’am?

Unknown Female 1: No, ma’am. Just unconscious. I’ve tried to wake her, but...
Unknown Male 1: We have contact again, sir.

Unknown Male 1: There are two of them, ma’am.

Unknown Male 2: What are we supposed to do, open their fucking eyelids?

Unknown Male 1: One of them has an eyepatch, sir.

Unknown Male 1: Dark hair--

Unknown Male 1: Let me get a light on--

Unknown Male 2: What...what is that...

Unknown Female 1: Oh...oh god...I...I thought....

Unknown Male 3: Sir? Ma’am? We’ve lost contact. With...with everyone. Can you advise?
Unknown Male 3: Sir, please advise.
Unknown Male 3: Fuck this. We’re initiating evac. I want everyone out of this shithole ten seconds ago.
Unknown Female 2: Sir!
Unknown Male 3: Wait, hold on. Isn’t that...
Unknown Female 2: What...what happened to him?
Unknown Male 3: I’m not sticking--

And the rest is silence.

And in case you didn't realize it, I am not Jeanette.