Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm free! Fuck yes.

No studying no schoolwork, nothing until after New Years. I haven't even been to sleep yet.

Gonna spend tomorrow (well, tonight) night over at Tara's. Then I have to head down south to have Christmas with Gran. I'm really looking forward to that *eyeroll*. Nothing like being told you're a whore because your ears are pierced twice. Oh, sorry "look like a whore." She means well but I don't like being told, "You'll be pregnant before you leave high school, just like your mother." every time I see the old witch.

Anyway, Tara and I hit up the mall in the next town over today. That was fun. Lots of stuff I'm gonna be spending my birthday money on, if I get any. All the begging in the world isn't gonna get my parents to buy me the clothes I want for Christmas.

In lighter news, the pervert was back when we left school. Saw one of those cops staking out that Freshman, Vanessa, start to go up to the guy. The guy slipped off, and the cop followed him. I wanted to go watch the asshole get some police brutality, but Tara didn't want me to.

Wonder if the pervert is the secret admirer.

Oh well, better go pass out before Dad gets up for his morning hair of the dog.

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