Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is Jeanette. Arm's feeling a bit better. Had to re-break it a bit.

Not a whole lot of time to talk.

There was a bouquet on Tara's roommate's bed this morning.

We haven't told her what it means but we've managed to convince her that she has a stalker and should probably stay in.

Anyway I'm going to go get some more bullets.


  1. There was a very good cop show a few years ago called Life. It had a very zen cop called Charlie. You would like him. He had a conversation with his best friend Ted that went something like this:

    Ted: What are you thinking about?
    Charlie: What I want and what I need.
    Ted: What do you want?
    Charlie: A peaceful soul.
    Ted: What do you need?
    Charlie: A bigger gun.

    Perhaps you need a peaceful soul and a bigger gun?

  2. Yes.

    Hell yes.

    Hell fucking yes.

    And a rocket launcher too.

  3. Maybe you should tell Penny (Fucking) Ballisong to go fuck herself.

    Here's my opinion on life. It's what you make of it. It doesn't matter if some hand is guiding you. Live like it's not. Live like you are in control, and take control. If you feel like you're at the Smiling Man's whim, then you'll keep feeling that way as long as you say you do.

    So now my bit that is actually useful and not just hippie bs.

    Spread the word. Yes, yes, I know the Smiling Man is a memetic creature born from ideas blah blah blah, but still. Tell people. Tell people to be on the look out. To defend themselves. Not everyone will believe of course, but some will. And besides, it's nigh impossible to kill an idea anyway, so the best you can do is counter it.