Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey Guys

This is Tara. Jeanette's asleep in my bunk bed at the moment.

As I'm not quite comfortable sleeping in my roommate's bunk while she's out getting plastered, I'm failing to sleep in my computer chair. I don't think Jeanette'll mind me posting on her blog.

Well, scratch that, she'll definitely mind, but forgiveness is easier than permission. Also there are some thing Miss Stoic hasn't told you that I think you should know.

When she got here, she was running a pretty high fever. I think something in her arm is infected. She refuses to go to a hospital, though. I might be able to get her some treatment on the down-low through the student network, but even if that does work, there's a chance she's pretty seriously ill, not to mention injured.

I'd say I'm not sure how she's been walking and stabbing and typing lucidly the past few days, but this is Jeanette I'm talking about. Basically, everything she's told you about herself? She's much more awesome than that.

It really is good seeing her. I was worried. She hasn't really said it, but she didn't even leave a note when she left. She just kind of vanished off the face of the earth a few days after she got out of the hospital.

I think she thinks it's "safer for everyone" that way. Pro tip: when Jeanette says something is "safer for everyone", she means "safer for Tara". She has it in her head that I'm a delicate flower who needs coddled. While I'm not the strongest person I know (I bet you can guess who is), I'm stronger than she gives me credit for. Especially after I almost literally stared death in His face.

And I think she needs me. I've read her posts. I know the stuff she's going through, and I'd be willing to quit school to go with her. Me and my blood sister against the world. But I know she'd outpace me, sneak off without me noticing, Just to keep me safe.

Oh well. I guess she's not the only one who can ramble. Anyway, if responses from her are slow for the next few days, it's because I've managed to get her under-the-table medical care. Possibly against her will.

Tara, out.

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  1. It's good to know she arrived alright and is relatively safe. I do have one question for you since this is the first we've been able to address you directly. Two questions now that I think of it.

    The first is what the hell were you thinking when you helped create Smiley? If your little group were trying to create an interesting monster to write stories about I could understand but it sounds like you were TRYING to create a killer Tulpa.

    Secondly, this Penny Balisong who writes the blog Runneth Over and comments here. Do you recognize her writing style, could she be a member of the group that created Smiley?