Friday, September 9, 2011


I need more bullets.

I don't go through many, but I have a feeling I'm gonna need them.

Not that Smiley cares what I "kill" him with, anyway. But I like the Colt. Revolvers are pretty fucking awesome. Also, pretty easy to hide. Well. I mean. It's not that easy to hide...but it's easier to hide than the shotgun, anyway.

I just wish it wasn't called the 'Anaconda.' You can tell what the marketing team was thinking.

"Hey, boys, come get your surrogate penis!"

You might think I'm joking. You should see how some boys get when a girl talks about liking guns or hunting around them. It's....not pretty. Trust me. You'd think they'd be less dumb around a girl who they know has recreationaly taken life before, but for some reason teenage boys seem to believe they're more deserving of life than deer. It's a crazy fucking world we live in, isn't it?

All joking aside, that's one of the advantages of monster hunting. I don't have to deal with teenage boys who think that "I want to have a conversation about a shared interest" means "I want to have sex with you."

Anyway, I'm gonna be in Boston tomorrow. It looks like Smiley is taking them young, there. A little boy and a little girl have been taken. It's breaking its pattern a bit, though. Both kids were taken at once (I think they're brother and sister), and the bouquet was delivered at the same time, if what I'm reading is right. It's hard to get info on him, since one of the vast shadowy anti-monster conspiracies seems to be censoring the news on Smiley.

This is new territory for Smiley. That bothers me. I liked it more when he was a creature of habit. It's also...similar to someone else's MO. I think you know who I mean, too. It could be that instead of Smiley, I'm about to pull a Strahm and try to shoot Tall Dark And Faceless. That is not something I want to try. I'm not that suicidal. Yet.

And if it is Smiley, an experimental phase can't be good. For anyone.


  1. The Cards do not look well UPon you, my friend.

    You're in between the Fool and the Lovers. ThiS iS not idEal...although it is fascinating.

    I'm waiting with baitEd bReath to see what happens.

    Ciao for now.

  2. You're kind of creepy and ominous, Penny.

    Also, I sort of want to punch you in the face for no readily apparent reason.


  3. CUPS SEER? Blades, thorns, and now cups, how many factions are there here?