Monday, June 27, 2011

So Much Teenageness

I'm going to skip some of the next stuff. There's a lot of wangsting about not being able to stop it, not finding any good clues, wondering when the next body was going to show up, fretting about who the next victim would be, trying to get a solid lead on Smiley's characteristics and MO, and philosophical ranting about the nature of smiling. I might post some of the highlights, though.

I mean it, there's like fifty pages of this bullshit. I am so not fucking kidding.

It's weird to think this all happened less than half a fucking year ago. I look back at the old me and see someone completely fucking different. Maybe, in some ways, I was.

In recent news, I saw a cop get peeled like a clementine the other day. So there's, um, that.

Shit, I hate the southwest.

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