Monday, June 20, 2011

I Got Punched Today


Carol Anne hit me in the face at school today.

I knew she was going to do it. I saw her about to do it. I let her. I didn't even hit back.

The funny thing is, I think Tara was a few seconds away from doing it for me. I've never seen her that angry. She should be angry at me, though.

I'm tough. I'm tougher than even the boys at this school. Everybody knows it. I should have done something.

Why did I just fall over? What did that bastard do to me that made me fall over. And fuck it, he doesn't get special treatment in his pronouns. No capital letter bullshit.

I have to find out who got the flowers. I have to save them this time. I know I can do it.

It's so fucked up that the cops aren't even telling the girl who got the flowers it was her. She has a right to know, damnit.

You know, I almost hope it's me. I hope the bastard comes after me. I'll be ready.

Yeah, I'll be fucking ready this time. Shoot first, questions later.

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