Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Weirdness


First of all, Tara is here and she asked me something very important that I hadn't thought of.

"How do you know what flowers were in the bouquet?"

I couldn't tell you what heliotrope looks like. But if I saw the Smiling Man's flowers I could point to it. Tara just hmmm'ed when I told her this. She says she's going to look them up in 'the language of flowers', whatever the fuck that means. I think she's really enjoying this.

She shouldn't be.

Second, I got an email today, from someone who calls himself Jack of Thorns.

It read:
"Dear Queen of Blades

We didn't make him. We gave him a body and set him loose, God help us, but we did not make him.

No, he made himself. God help us, he made himself and we gave him a body and we CLAPPED OURSELVES ON THE BACK AND CONGRATULATED OURSELVES. And this is what we have wrought.

And now he's Feeding. Soon he won't need the body we gave him. Soon he'll have one all his own.

God help us. God help us all.

Jack of Thorns."

How the fuck did this guy know to email me? These aren't even fucking online! Come on, I wrote about taking a fucking gun to school, why would I put these online?! I may be trash but I'm not dumb.

And why the hell did he call me "Queen of Blades?" Maybe the haiku in my info box? With the whole 'Jack' thing sounds like he's going for a card motif.

Tara said something about finding our Toothy Ark, whatever that means.

Better get ready for school. Wouldn't want to miss this shitty, shitty day.

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  1. This is... wow. It's quite a story. Not sure I believe it. I feel like I should just laugh and ignore it, but... I don't know. Something about it bothers me.