Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good/Bad/Frustrating News

Well, it looks like Smiley stopped killing in Champaign entirely after offing Tara's roommate. That's the good news.

The bad news is, it's on the East Coast. Again. And I'm sill on the West, figuring out how to get across the country.

And now the frustrating news.

Penny and Tara--aka the blind girl and the girl who cannot correctly hold a weapon to save her life--are headed there, rather than waiting for me. She's giving up on her fucking school to do this.

I mean, I expected this sort of bullshit from Penny because as far as I can fucking tell she gets off on infuriating me, but Tara? Okay, yes, I expect this sort of bullshit from Tara because she never fucking believes me when I tell her something is too dangerous or too stupid. The safe option is to let me take care of it. Like I always do.

What the fuck are you going to do, Tara? Study the Smiling Man to death?

Also, Penny said something about her "cards shifting" and the "Cups and Pentacles replacing Swords betwixt the Lovers and the Devil", or whatever the fuck that and all of her other seer bullshit is. The last "reading" she did with major arcana? It turned out to be about the fucking Slender Man. And a fucking crazy ass proxy version of someone we used to know. This one has the Devil? I'll let you do the fucking math, people.

But no, don't wait for the one who can fucking fight. Have the scholar and the blind fucking fortune teller go. That'll turn out really fucking well.

Oh? And extra frustrating? When I leave, Chelsea, as the Page is calling herself (Jesus Christ this is a weird family), wants to come with me. The only tempting part about this is I think this would really piss Penny off.

Back to trying to find affordable trains. You know, before Penny and Tara get themselves Fearmurdered.


  1. Hm, I'd think the Devil would be Slendy. Going on the whole flower thing, I'm guessing the Lovers is Smiley. I'm also guessing you're the Swords, Tara and Penny are most likely the Cups and Pentacles. The way you worded it, you don't think the Devil is Slendy? If not him, not sure who it'd be.

  2. Hey Tara, if you're reading this quit being a dumbass and get some training before trying to help out in a combat role! I mean research is vital and you seem to be good at that, we need someone other than those freakish Blind Man cultists and their human experiments finding out how these damn things work. If you really want to help Jeanette out by fighting though look me up in West Michigan and I'll teach you how to use a knife. Start out hunting their minions like I do then decide if you have the right combination of skill and outright insanity to hunt the big game.