Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Girlfriends Are Crazy

So, first of all, we're not dead.

We needed to do some relocation.  We're still recovering from Operation Summerborn, if you can fucking believe that.

Here's the short version of Summerborn:  We had inside men and women in Ace's organization.  They helped us get Knight of Coins--that's Leo, by the way--out of Ace's hands.  We wanted to keep them in, so we weren't saying much about it, but, surprise fucking surprise, Ace managed to sniff them out.  We had to free them.  One of them didn't make it.  I'm sure they fucking fed her to that fucking pet monster of theirs.

We're trying not to think about that.  But we, I mean me, because it's hit Tara, Ginger (Ten), and Leo pretty fucking hard and it's hard for them not to think about it.  Tara and Ginger were the ones that came up with the plan, and Ginger and Leo knew our insiders pretty well.

Right now, we're consolidating our resources, regrouping, and trying to stop Smiley from filleting a preteen boy.  So far, we have jack all resources, only a bare minimum of people--if fucking that, and we've narrowed Smiley's location down to one of half a dozen fucking places in this confusing fucking city, and the boy'll probably be dead in less than a week unless we hurry and tag it.

Also, in other news?  The girls I'm dating are really fucking crazy.

I woke up last night with Chelsea's hand on my stomach.  I asked her what the fuck she was doing and she said, "Shhh, I'm getting you pregnant."

Then, out of nowhere--because she wasn't there when we went to bed--Penny comes up and puts her hand on my stomach and says.  "I'm aborting your baby."

Then Chelsea said, "That's awful!  Keep your hand there.  I want to see which one of us wins."

Some nights I almost wish I'd stayed celibate.


  1. Yay, you're not dead! :D

    Hi, sorry, just got caught up here. Working my way through Alison's blog next so I can be all caught up.

    Question; when it comes to "killing" Smiley, have you tried different bullets? I keep hearing something about unwrought iron, but since I'm apparently not a target, I can't test this theory. Have you tried any other weapons?

  2. Glad to see your all still in one peace...more or less. Condolences for your inside man.

    On a lighter note: I'm glad your relationship is going well if not more than a little strange. X) My own he is more than a lil strange herself...well actually she's completely psychotic but, hey what can ya do, right? Haha, they're worth it though. Hang in there and good luck.


  3. hello, i'm sorry to bother you but i need help. first of all i'm sorry for my typing but my hand is pretty messed up right now. i've been trying to find someone still alive that has dealt with these things before and found this blog. i think i'm trapped in what seems like a place called the empty city and at least one of these things wants me dead for whatever reason. if you have any advice at all, it'd mean a lot. i hope you all succeed, i really do.