Monday, November 28, 2011


Some guys with guns came after us. They weren't Sgt. Pepper's. I don't know who the fuck they were.

We were closest to a port, so we ran there, found a houseboat, and Tara stole it.

We're still on the houseboat, though we've landed a few times. Never at a port, though. We'll have to ditch it soon, we've had some close encounters with the coast guard.

I'll be glad when I'm not sharing a tiny fucking bathroom with three other fucking girls.

And...I'll be honest. I have no fucking clue what I'm doing as far as relationships go. I mean fuck I don't even really think about people that way.

But she's kinda cool, I guess.

Jesus Christ what is wrong with me this is public.

Anyway, people trying to kill us.

I don't think they're trying to kill us.

I think they want us alive.

I think they want to know how we gave Smiley form.

Penny/Alison whatever won't talk about it. I know she's the one who was the most responsible, but she won't say. She says she doesn't remember but no one's fucking buying it, Ali.

Anyway I need to find a way to ditch this houseboat.

More later.


  1. It is likely the SCP trying to get the knowledge and lock it up or a bunch of crazy Proxies wanting to bring their master to the material plane may your endeavor succeed and may you and your current traveling companions be safe

  2. I'm operating under the assumption that the SCP Foundation is not a thing. Because then we're even more fucked than we already are.

  3. Trust me Jean they are a thing they just rarely get involved with the Fear's they have lost too many already...

  4. We have ways of finding you and destroying the information inside your mind.

  5. I think we'll pass. Whoever you are.

  6. Dillanger shut the fuck up we left and you know it quit scaring the poor girl.

    But it's so much fun you can't say the fear doesn't excite you my boy.

    (Ignore Dillanger, You will be sane longer.)

  7. Heh, I will. And trust me, it takes more to scare me than you might think. Whoever you and/or your alternate personality(?) are.

  8. Oh trust me sweetheart taking on the smiling man you have to have balls of fucking steel. at least your not on the Hit-list of the Fetus from hell But that's just Me and Dip-shit over here the stupid bastard dragged me into this shit with the fears and trust me when i say I will get out.

  9. Watch it with Tara and see if it doesn't reminds you of someone

  10. It doesn't.

    Not enough hair. Not enough teeth. Too human. Wrong eyes. Or rather, not wrong enough.

  11. I know i know i meant the words the people who called it into form being killed bringing it into our world that basic shit also i am sad to say that Dillanger will not be joining us anymore May he rest in peace they got to him.

  12. This is probably the most interesting conversation I've read today.

    Not that I don't see the danger you're in, but this is just kind of hilarious.

  13. I pride myself on begin able to bring hilarity even to serious posts like a boss.