Thursday, May 17, 2012

and i am cool, cool as the deep blue ocean

Ten punched me in the fucking face today.

I think she's back to normal.

She wanted to know where the fuck she was and who I was.  I told her that I was Chelsea.

She's a bit calmer now, but she wants answers.  I don't think she believes me when I tell her I don't have them.  It seems like she doesn't remember anything from the point she vanished.  She doesn't even remember what did it.

Only that she was terrified.

Still.  It's a start.

I know who she is, too.  Her username used to be SephysWife.  She's one of the group who thought this up.  Apparently some bad shit went down with her family, courtesy of our favorite smiling gentleman.

We're not sure what to do.  We're going to lie low.  Look for clues and try to stay out of the sight of...whatever the fuck.  You know, boring stuff like that.

But....if I can find Ten...maybe I can find Jeanette too.  And Alison.  And Tara.

Maybe I can actually do this.

After all, I finally have help.

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