Saturday, January 7, 2012

steal flamingos and gnomes

from the dark side of the lawn

and we give them good homes

this is not an important post

q k4 > q qn2 > q qb

But chess code aside, I've found some....weird fucking things.

For one? I have no fucking clue when Smiley was locked away.

Seriously. Now that I'm actually looking for it? I can't find a single fucking place where its spree was interrupted. It wasn't as active as it is now...maybe it's stretching its fucking murder muscles, no fucking idea...but yeah. When did it get locked up? How or why?

Not finding a whole lotta first-hand accounts, but the signs are there if you know where to look--and trust me, by now, I better fucking know where to look.

Maybe it takes its vacation in teenagers' heads? Fucked if I know. I'll keep looking.

Meanwhile, the terrible fucking plan? It's actually working.

I know, I'm fucking shocked too.

But the way I see it, mission fucking accomplished in just a couple days.


  1. There has been evidence in the past that Things like Smiley aren't bound by time the same way we are. Just because he was trapped in Penny's head until recently doesn't mean he wasn't killing girls in 1300 CE after he was let out of her head in 2010.

    It's very timey-wimey.

  2. Honestly, that's what I'm starting to think, too. Space doesn't fucking hold them--why should time?

  3. Time is a confusing thing when it comes to those creatures.

  4. Don't get cocky. It's not like you defeated the damn thing.