Sunday, July 8, 2012

No Word From Jeanette

I could sign on here with my own gmail account, but I'm waaay too lazy for something like that.

This is Alice.  We're in California.  It looks like Tara was here, but from what I can gather, we just missed her.  She seems to have been lucid, so I sent her an email.

I'm a little worried about Jeanette, though.  She hasn't gotten back to us yet.  Last we heard from her was a text that said she had found Penny.  She was going to talk to her and...that was like sixteen hours ago.  I'm worried.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm fretting and kind of freaking out.  I just got her back...I don't want to lose her again.  I'm not sure I could take losing her again.

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